Case Study 4

Some Mold Illness and Toxicity cases can become extremely complex.

Multiple co-infections often occur after Lyme Disease, compounded by an immune system wreaking havoc after mold exposure.

This was the case for a client of mine.


Between 1994 and 1997, my client visited Florida from the United Kingdom a lot as a child.

At some point during one of these trips, he was bitten by a tick and developed a red ring-shaped rash on his wrist, AKA the typical bullseye rash you acquire from Lyme Disease.

From 1997 onwards, fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog, digestive issues, sleep issues, mood swings, anger issues, depression, anxiety, a general feeling of being unwell, and weight gain became 'normal'.

When this concern was raised with doctors in the UK, he was told everything was 'fine' and most of his symptoms were due to weight gain.

The original symptoms worsened as the years went by, and new symptoms began to develop on a daily basis.

In 2014, my client was diagnosed with anxiety and prescribed anti-anxiety drugs.

As things continued, he struggled with sexual dysfunction, which the "doctors wouldn't help".

By 2017, things got so bad he had to quit work.

Finally, in 2019, he was clinically diagnosed at the London Lyme Clinic with Borrelia, Bartonella, and Babesia.

His blood work was also positive for Epstein-Barr Virus, Chlamydia pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

After this, he was put on a cocktail of drugs, which somewhat had a net positive impact in making his life bearable.

Fast forward to 2020, when a Mycotoxin Panel from Great Plains shows positive for Ochratoxin A.


Initially, even though he had received accurate diagnoses of Lyme Disease and other co-infections, these conditions were not the central challenges his immune system contended with.

The primary concerns were Bartonella and Mold Toxicity.

We have pages and pages of results, which I can't possibly post on this Case Study, but I think you get the picture about how complex Mold Illness can get!

For a good reason, my client is extremely sensitive, and even something as small as glutathione 500mg can disturb his whole week.

When you're working with Mold Illness, more is not better.

When working with me, we won't 'push through' any bad feelings or Herxheimer reaction.

We must listen carefully to know when we are going too fast.

We won’t make egregious mistakes by going slowly, but treatment that is too aggressive (such as too much medication too soon) can set someone back light-years.

If any negative reaction does happen, this is our sign to titrate the supplements and medication backwards.

Additionally, many people miss out on recovery by not identifying what the patient’s body declares as Public Enemy #1.

For example, trying to cure a viral or bacterial component when the primary problem is Mold Toxicity will not move the patient toward health and could potentially distract the patient’s body’s healing systems from their primary objective.

This was the case with my client.

Bitten in 1997, discovered in 2019, but unconfirmed mold until 2020.

Inflammation just compounding and compounding for decades.


The Biotoxin Pathway model, outlined in Got Mold, helps us put together some of this complexity by showing how one simple mycotoxin can trigger a choreographed sequence of reactions.

Mold Illness ultimately leads to a stack of biochemical dominoes of inflammation, immune dysregulation, hormone dysregulation, gastrointestinal imbalances, pain, insomnia, fatigue, and weight gain.

So, of course, we have to clear out the mold before addressing anything else.

Mold > Lyme and co-infections > Cell Danger Response > everything else.

With possible methods to address Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

Or it doesn't work.

Of course, I work alongside MDs to ensure we hit the clinical standard.

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