GOT MOLD? It’s likely...

So if you’ve been diagnosed with one of these, and nothing seems to help you get better,
then I hope things are starting to make sense now, and if they don’t.

Well, don’t worry.

We have a long way to go, including hard facts, science and data.

On this page, I aim to answer every single one of your questions about Mold Illness, so keep reading!

But if you are ready to get to the bottom of your Mold Illness, then use the link below to book a call with myself.

If you’ve been diagnosed with one of the conditions listed below, and nothing seems to help you get better...

Then I hope by reading the hard facts about mold on this page things will start to make sense, and if they don’t.

Well, don’t worry.

We have a long way to go, including important science and data.

  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Depression.
  • Stress.
  • Allergy.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Somatisation.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Autism.
  • Autoimmune.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Eczema, psoriasis and skin conditions.

Let’s talk science here.

Mold Illness is a recognised multi-system inflammatory condition known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

And although the symptoms of mold exposure often mimic other health conditions, mold being the root cause often flies under the radar.

Even worse, many doctors deny the possibility of mold being able to make someone sick, despite Mold Illness having specific inflammatory markers we can test for.

Mold Illness/CIRS is commonly misdiagnosed for many of the conditions listed above.

Let’s talk science here.

Mold Illness is a recognised multi-system inflammatory condition known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

And although the symptoms of mold exposure often mimic other health conditions, mold being the root cause often flies under the radar.

Even worse, many doctors deny the possibility of mold being able to make someone sick, despite Mold Illness having specific inflammatory markers we can test for.

Mold Illness/CIRS is commonly misdiagnosed for:



Diagnostic Process for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS): A Consensus Statement Report of the Consensus Committee of Surviving Mold

Here are a few things you should know about Mold Illness.

The first one is that, yes, Mold Illness is more than real.

In fact, it is quantifiable.

Mold Illness has been treated since 1998, with the discoverer of Mold illness (Dr Shoemaker) treating over 15,000 patients in over 52 countries.

Furthermore, Mold Illness/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) has been published in more than 35 peer-reviewed papers discussing the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Data on the successful treatment of Mold Illness has been published from a patient population of over 7,000 individuals.

The clinical trials and methodically recorded data of Mold Illness have led to marvellous advances in delineating the physiology of these illnesses.


We’re going to get a bit technical, but bare with me.

Do you see that diagram on the right? That is your Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) gene, which has a lot to do with how your immune system operates.

If you’re a part of the lucky 78% with a functioning HLA gene, then mold won’t make you chronically sick.

In fact, many of us are exposed to mold (and the related mycotoxins) daily and can fight off the toxicity.

But not the 22% with the HLA genetic predisposition.

This group of people will be susceptible to having a series of abnormalities in innate immune response when exposed to mold.

This immune response will not self-heal, will not lessen in severity, and will continue to cause illness from inflammation.

These individuals also see the alteration of fundamental genomic activity, including 874 genes of the mitochondria.

The biotoxins within these individuals continue to circulate through blood and lymph in the body, and activate these innate immune responses as they go.

As a result, you end up chronically inflamed.


CIRS is the long-term result of mold and biotoxin inflammatory response.

Sometimes CIRS is referred to as Mold Illness or Mold Toxicity.

In CIRS, inflammation affects multiple systems of your body.

CIRS is a subset of the ICD- 10 (R65.10) recognised Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS).

Although mold is the stimulus, you ultimately end up with CIRS.

how does mold impact the brain and body?

Mold causes immense damage to the brain and body. I mean, just take a look at the diagram below!

In short, the mycotoxins severely damage the brain, causing dysregulation to almost every system of the body.

Yep, the sex hormones become dysregulated, so does the gut, so does cognitive function, and a whole lot more.

People often experience symptoms ranging from weight gain to low testosterone, to chronic pain and insomnia.

And the longer you leave CIRS, the worse it gets.

Why? Because you’ll never clear the mycotoxins, so the damage just compounds.

In fact, we can look at your brain under a specific MRI add-on called NeuroQuant and see specific changes in brain structure related to mold.

The inflammation from mold drives a distinct ‘fingerprint’ of atrophy AKA brain decay.

So yes, it’s all tangible and quantifiable. It’s not in your head. I understand, and I get it.

Seriously, have a look below at some of the images which are from real brain scans of people with Mold Illness.

Shoemaker, R.C., House, D. and Ryan, J.C. (2014) ‘Structural brain abnormalities in patients with inflammatory illness acquired following exposure to water-damaged buildings: A volumetric MRI study using NeuroQuant®’, Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 45, pp. 18–26. doi:10.1016/


You can have Mold Illness/CIRS for years, and I’m talking decades.

Yes, the moldy dorm room you stayed in during college can be the root cause of your long list of health issues.

Or perhaps the office you worked in during that job in 2005.

You see, if you are the 1/5 with the HLA gene and you have been exposed to mold at some point in your life, you will have constant innate immunity inflammation, which won’t get turned off.

Over time, compounded with the other stressors in the world and co-infections, you can end up pretty sick.

You’re probably starting to understand the severity and realness of Mold Illness a bit better now, but I’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg.

If you’d like to learn more about Mold Illness and the specific cases I’ve worked with, click the button below to view my Case Studies.


However, if you’d like to know how to be diagnosed with Mold Illness and the road to recovery, then keep scrolling.

We’ve touched a lot of bases, and we’re on the way up.

how to diagnose mold illness?

Step 1: VCS Testing, Exposure and Symptom Cluster Analysis.

Based on the work of Dr Shoemaker and his data set of over 15,000+ patients, we can quantify the symptoms of Mold Illness into 13 distinct clusters.

If you have symptoms in 8 or more of the 13 clusters, there is a high probability you have Mold Illness.

Plus, if you have also had a known mold exposure and have a treatment resistant condition, it is even more likely

But remember, an “I don’t know if I was exposed” does not confirm a non-exposure!

This list is a general overview of the most common symptoms, but it’s by no means exhaustive.

CIRS Sympton cluster

After confirming your symptoms, the next step is to move on to Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) testing, available at

VCS screening measures the neurological function of vision (contrast) deficient in those with Mold Illness.

The VCS test is a $15 online test that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

VCS testing can be tricky to get your head around, and the calibration is the hardest part.

But don’t worry; I’ve made two videos for you below to help you understand the reliability of the VCS test and how to take the test accurately.



Step 2: Confirmation Through Data: Mycotoxin and Blood Panels.

After the VCS test and Symptom Cluster Analysis, it would be great to talk to you about running a urine Mycotoxin Test and/or blood panel to confirm the presence of mycotoxins in your system so you can qualify for treatment.

It’s important to be absolutely sure that you do have Mold Illness before undergoing treatment.

And if we test for Mold Illness and you come back negative, then great! You’ve eliminated a possible root cause and can continue on your journey of getting to the bottom of your condition.

Below is an example from a page of the Mycotoxin Test which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Then, if we were to run your blood panels we would be looking for specific markers like:

You qualify for treatment once confirmed that you have Mold Illness from the above biometrics.

And we’ll be discussing this below.

But if everything you’ve read so far resonates with you and you’d like to get tested for Mold Illness immediately, then you can use the link below to book a call with myself.

I can have a Mycotoxin Test shipped to your home within a few days of ordering!



Cirs Treatment Diagram - Jessica Alana

Treating Mold Illness can seem complicated, and in some ways, it is.

But that is why I’m here, to take you through the protocol step-by-step and ensure you get well again.

The above diagram is a simplified outline of the treatment and protocol for Mold Illness and CIRS that we would work on together.

Of course, this protocol is the clinical standard developed by Dr. Shoemaker.

But every practitioner tends to add their blend of Integrative and Holistic Medicine to this protocol.

I also incorporate Regenerative Medicine into my protocol and use therapies such as peptides.

This entire process will require a re-orientation of an individual’s thoughts, actions and lifestyle.

What I have put together in the above diagram is meant mainly as a primer.

It is no way replaces working with a skilled, licensed, experienced clinician who has previously worked with complex cases.

Below you can see my experience working with Mold Illness clients and helping them achieve their goals.


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I'm impressed by Jessica's knowledge - she is on the top of her game in biohacking and optimal nutrition as a content creator and speaker.

She is a highly skilled professional with a passion for helping others reach their health and wellness goals."
Author of Biohacker's Handbook and founder of Biohacker Summit and Biohacker Centre


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I came to Jessica for an interpretation of my Organic Acids Test.

She took me through the results very thoroughly.

She is a wealth of knowledge and offers different perspectives and considerations towards healing.

She is calm and easy to talk to. I highly benefited from our session together and learned a lot from Jessica.”
Zeinab maktabi


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica is such an amazing person.
She is extremely clever and very caring.

I’ve been ill for 30 years and have seen many doctors; none of them have had Jess's knowledge or empathy.

Despite her exceptional intelligence, Jess can simplify complex explanations for someone like me, who is grappling with a debilitating illness that has compromised cognitive function.

Thanks so much, Jess; you are a diamond.”
Ross Barton


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I had an online session with Jessica about Peptide Therapy.

Jessica was very knowledgeable and gave me very helpful advice and recommendations."


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

“Being a complex patient with Tick-borne illness and CIRS (mold). I have been to many functional clinics and practitioners with little to no results. That all changed when I found Jessica.

She is inquisitive in her learning. And has recently taken Shoemaker certification to arm herself with the most up-to-date knowledge for her patients.

Working together has genuinely filled me with so much joy. Not only has my health greatly improved in the short two months working together. I finally found someone who understands me and my illness.

My only wish would be to have found Jessica sooner, and I highly recommend working with her.”
Jake Dalyanci


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

“I entered with Jessica the detoxification program with certain goals, especially in terms of strength in my training and avoiding toxins as much as possible. I found that within a few weeks, I started to reach new all-time high records in the gym and also in terms of my sleeping, I was suffering for years to increase my quality of sleep.

Once I was disciplined with the instructions, my quality of sleep went to another level that I couldn’t remember when i was having this quality in many years. I felt improved in my gut health and great in general.

I would highly recommend working with Jessica as she was very helpful in answering all my questions and explaining all the instructions in detail."


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica has a great wealth of knowledge about peptides that help with mold and the steps to treat mold including reducing brain inflammation.

Her own personal story is riveting and inspiring on her journey to help people improve their health and find root cause."
Cory McClane


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica is a highly experienced and helpful guide for people looking to improve their wellness through functional medicine and healthcare innovation.

Jessica is knowledgeable, friendly and highly responsive In particular, it was my first time taking peptide therapy, and the end-to-end support from Jessica was pivotal to my decision to proceed.”


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I have been working with Jessica for nine months now. I would highly recommend her. Her knowledge of the biohacking space is fantastic, and she has written some brilliant articles and social media pieces for us.

She is straightforward to work with, understands our monthly brief and excels every time. Not only that, but she stays in contact with us and identifies new areas to consider working with and or how to expand on what we already have."


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I was looking for a legit health consultation, and Jessica more than delivered. She advised me to treat my symptoms with a unique protocol designed for my personal needs, based on her experience in biomedicine and as a top-level biohacker.

Furthermore, with a personalized diet, nutrition plan and lifestyle changes, she really cares about the outcome and is always ready to help with any doubt along the way!

I whole heartedly recommend to anyone who is seeking real advice that works!"
Hyperbaric Oxygen client


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I have known Jessica for three years and have found her trustworthy and hardworking.

During this time, I have been inspired by her keenness to learn new skills and use her high educational training to reach out to new aspects of medicine.

Her research into the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen has proved very helpful in raising the awareness of help and support to the general public.

Jessica is very professional in marketing, and it is clear that immense talent lies in this business arena.

I have no hesitation in recommending this young lady to anyone."
PhD in Hyperbaric Medicine (PhD Med Sc, Dip Rad, FRSM)


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I feel extremely fortunate to have been in consultation with Jessica. My overall health condition was very poor prior to consulting her. Jessica has been fantastic from the start of my treatment journey to the finish. Now I feel more focused, energised, healthier, younger and most importantly much happier.

She gave me tailor made solutions I needed throughout my treatment. I would highly recommend her.

I felt you were a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Now I am feeling you as a mirror also where I can see problems inside me, rather feeling bad on actions/circumstances happening outside."
Health Consultation Client


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica has carried out tremendous work for Medical Diagnosis LTD.

She showed good character and was punctual with her commitments.

Her science background has been instrumental in the marketing project she was in charge of. Medical Diagnosis will be cooperating with her again."
Consultant Cardiologist


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

“It’s a bit overwhelming to know this was an issue all along and I had no idea. Tried every type of testing for over a year until you found it.

I’m starting to think a lot more clear, like my normal self. I’m smarter, and also feedback from my business partner is that I’ve been a lot better on investor calls. No pauses, clear to the point. My mind is not wandering and lost in space any longer. I’m focused. It’s a visible difference.

Libido and energy were returning back to normal. Most visible difference is in my clarity of thought and less fatigue. And the sensation issue I described is going away fast”
William Smith


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica has profound knowledge of her subject. The consultation was very well planned.

Before the consultation, she sent the comprehensive notes. During the consultation she explains each and every peptide in details.

She doesn’t hurry up, she goes deeper with you to clear your all doubts I am a research freak myself and trust me it’s not easy to convince me but immediately after the consultation, I was ready to place the order and explore the world of peptides."

Great service great knowledge
Best of luck Jessica
Palak Midha


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica gave us a lot of good assistance on our autistic daughter, and had clearly done a lot of detailed work on her Organic Acid Test results to give us a detailed analysis. She gave us some good research areas and further experts to discuss our young daughter with.

She gave good value for money and I would recommend.”
Alan Forsyth


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"My experience has been amazing! Jessica was very informative during our peptide consultation, answering all of my questions and providing peace of mind.

She has exceeded my expectations offering follow up assistance where needed. I noticed greatly improved sleep after just one dose of peptides!"
Jackilyn Rock


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"Jessica is a highly knowledgeable scientist with board certification as a mold practitioner. Her expertise has been immensely valuable to individuals like myself, who have struggled with mold-related issues and found little relief from conventional medicine.

Through her research and clinical work, Jessica has truly become a trusted expert in her field. I can say with certainty that she always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients receive the most current and effective solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica to anyone facing mold-related concerns!"
Laura Ruffer


Hear what some of my clients are saying.

"I can’t give enough praises for Jessica! She really changed my life. I was dealing with hormonal imbalances all my life and she helped me to finally fix this issue. I’m 27 years old and my menstrual cycle was never normal. I had it maybe once or twice a year. I dealt with really bad hormonal acne issues, gut issues, skin issues and etc but after working with Jessica I feel like I’ve finally healed my body.

My periods come once a month now, skin is so much better, gut health is amazing and energy levels are so high! I loved that she’s so detailed with all her recommendations and research. I learned so much from her! She’s super sweet and personable, I knew I could always rely on her .

I would recommend Jessica to anyone! Whatever health issues you’re dealing with, she knows the exact protocol suited for each individual’s needs. I will always go to her if I ever want to improve or fix any issues I have.

Thank you so much Jessica ♡"


Mold Illness is not a one-stop-shop and requires both time and dedication from both parties, meaning you and me!

The minimum time investment to overcome Mold Illness is 3 months of working 1-1 with myself, followed by 12 weeks of text and/or email support.

This is a two-way street, and we must meet in the middle.

I’ve had great success working with Mold Illness/CIRS clients because I give much of my time and attention.

In fact, I only take on a handful of clients at a time for this very reason.

You see, it’s not just Mold Illness.

Tackling the mold is the first part; after that, you must work on your residual gut issues, hormonal disbalances, damaged brain and more.



Okay, so what is included when you work with me to overcome Mold Illness?

Well, the first thing to understand is that we’ll be working together for a long time, so we have to ensure it’s a great fit.

I’ll be the captain, and you’ll be the co-pilot.

So, with that being said, you can see your Mold Programme below:

✔️ Mycotoxin Test worth $480.

✔️ 3 months of 1-1 bio-individualised Mold Illness support provided in person or over video calls.

✔️ Consultation with Dr Oksana, my partner MD.

✔️ Lifetime discount consultation fee with myself.

✔️ 10% commission fee if you refer any of your friends to my programme.

✔️ Resources:

  • Mold-Free Nutrition: Your Complete Guide.
  • Defend, Detect, and Destroy Mold: Your Home Guide.
  • Mold Illness symptom tracker. Monitor your symptoms over time and identify patterns.
  • Peptides and Bioregulators for Mold Illness book.
  • Forever Mold-Free: Your Comprehensive Guide to Staying Safe.
  • The Mold Busters Supplement Handbook.

✔️ My personal collection of scientific journals on Mold Illness so you can educate yourself and others for life!

✔️ Up to 40% discount off peptides and supplements with practitioners price.


If you’re still unsure whether Mold Illness is the right step for you, don’t worry.

I can answer all your questions over a call, but by whatever means, don’t be like this guy:

resources and trainings

If you’re not ready to work with someone 1-1 for your Mold Illness, or you’d just like to learn more about my work and how to incorporate my practices into your everyday life then you can view my resources and trainings usiing the links below:

Mold Illness Peptide Recovery Protocol

Alternatively, I have a complimentary peptide guide for Mold Illness to help you get over the hump of being inflamed!

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